Video Production

We understand the challenges of being a small business with enterprise-grade standards. Bringing your message to life with a video can be complex and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

Whether it's a new product announcement or training your internal team, we’ll infuse some storytelling magic to produce a video at the caliber you deserve and a cost you can afford.

Our Work

We can't stand boring corporate videos, and you can't either. Our projects break from convention to surprise and delight viewers.

Introducing Surface Laptop for Business

Surface Laptop Go for Business is a value offering from the premium Surface family of devices. The COVID-19 pandemic intensified the need for everyone to be connected, and Laptop Go fit that need perfectly.

We found moments of humor in an otherwise dark time and showcased the best bits of Laptop Go for Microsoft.
"I love what you’ve done here in terms of editorial review tone, and I love the humor. Thanks for bringing a different spin to our content. I also like the positioning on price."
Ben T, Microsoft

Grab a Slice with SMSP

We launched a new program to train Surface sellers how to cross- and co-sell devices with Microsoft 365 services.

Sales teams have heard pitches like this before, so we decided to shake things up and use a practical analogy to whet their appetite.
A bit disappointed that you didn’t go with a deep dish pizza

LIOR B, Microsoft

Surface Duo for Healthcare

Surface Duo launched with a head-turning device that went beyond a smartphone.
Recognizing that Healthcare is an industry in serious need of modernization, we spoke with industry experts to share how Duo enables caregivers to transform patient outcomes.
"This is great work and really messages our vision on adding a clinical perspective to our Surface portfolio and highlighting Duo.
Thanks to everyone for quickly pulling together."
Shonda A, microsoft

Our Studios

Presenter Group Studios in Seattle is purpose-built for virtual events and producing gorgeous videos and recordings.

It’s much more than a simple venue. Each Studio comes fully equipped with a 4K camera, high-quality audio, and proper lighting. Our expert Producers handle the technical stuff so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Present from a camera-ready studio
Modern and practical touches to light up your video
Attention to detail in live events and video recordings
Our expert Presenters host and keep the energy alive
Highly curated set dressings
Create beautiful content with professional tools and equipment
Lighting to suit any format

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