Our hybrid, in-person, and online events banish boredom and engage attendees.


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Bespoke by Design

To say we have years of experience in running online events is an understatement. Our team has tried and tested just about every webinar platform on the market.

We've picked the best platforms that feel fresh, work on the web, and have all the bells and whistles.

Our digital event platform features:

  • Attendee chat
  • Polls & Q&A
  • HD audio and video
  • Handouts
  • PowerPoint & screensharing
  • Learning paths support
  • Post-event reporting
  • Virtual tables & booths
  • Custom branding

Training Events

Keeping audiences engaged while learning technical topics can feel impossible, and it’s why we built a business around that very challenge. We know people learn best when a presentation is captivating and actually fun. Our presenters fuse together theater experience and technology to deliver a uniquely entertaining session.

Believe it or not, our clients actually look forward to our trainings.

"I wanted to follow-up to say THANK YOU for an amazing Google G-Suite training yesterday. I honestly think this was our first super successful virtual event and I couldn’t be happier."

Technology Training

Teaching others about and how to use technology is a core passion of ours. We've spent years training people around the world, in-person and remote, on devices and software.

Every audience is different, be it sales teams yearning to get more technical about the internals of a device, or a group of educators or doctors needing to know how to best use their computers after a device refresh.

We live and work in a modern workplace, and that drives our obsession with empowering our clients (and their clients) to and do the same.

Our Technology Trainings features:
  • An on-camera Presenter trained on the content
  • Live Q&A and polling
  • Professional audio and video
  • A high-quality local recording of the event
  • Registrant and attendee management

Hosts & Emcees

You bring the decks and presenters, we’ll bring the energy! Our Event Hosts keep your online event running smoothly, and your attendees awake.

"Please let Ryan know that everyone on the SYNNEX side was very impressed with how he hosted our event. We were all given a few last minute curveballs (i.e. the slide decks that didn’t convert) and met a little bit of resistance, and he handled everything gracefully and kept the event moving along in a professional manner.None of our partners would have known there were little behind the scenes hiccups, which is of course the goal."

Hosted Events

Event Hosts and Emcees are perfect for when you’re running an event and need to keep attendees from tuning out.

Dead air isn't a good look, and our Event Hosts are experts in keeping the conversation alive while transitioning between speakers and fielding Q&A.

Let us take the reigns and handle the banter so you can prepare your talking points.

A Hosted Event features:
  • An on-camera Presenter joining from our production studio
  • Introduce and transition speakers
  • Engaging emceeing throughout the event
  • Managing Q&A, polls, and other engagement features
  • Registration and attendee management

Conferences &
Event Series

Run a multi-day conference or plan a monthly recurring series.

"Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you. This was my first ALIGN event and the 2nd time working with the Presenter Group team since my time at Microsoft.  I have been blown away by the support, professionalism, and attention to detail. Michael, your energy is contagious and love the vibe you bring to our events!"

Conferences & Event Series

Building a conference from the ground up is a herculean task. Each component needs extensive planning and that’s especially true with the extra hurdles to coordinate in-person and online events.

Whether folks are meeting IRL or through their screens, everyone deserves to have a memorable experience. We love coming up with new ways to have work-appropriate fun that aren’t cringey.

Our Conferences typically include:
  • Interactive networking or a 1:Many message
  • On-camera Presenter and Host
  • Q&A, polling, and post-event analytics
  • Registration and attendee management
  • Branded email journeys
  • Custom branding available for digital and physical swag

Hybrid Events

Return to in-person events with a bang!

We fuse the features of digital events with the pizzazz of in-person events and broadcast it on-site live to attendees everywhere.

"Although a formal thank you will follow this week - just a quick reply to let you know you’ve made an indelible impression and the accolades are well deserved! Thank you for being flexible, creative, and fully prepared to deliver, in such a short time. Every second was professional, engaging and fun."
Sydney H, ATP Gov

Hybrid Events

After performing in-person events for years, we know what it takes to inject energy into a room. But now every event demands an online component. For too long, unanswered questions, grainy screenshares, and choppy audio have given online events a bad rap. Attendees deserve better.

We’ve obsessed over every detail of our Hybrid Event Kit to bring the magic of the Presenter Group Studios on the road. Our Producers handle the video feeds for remote attendees while our Presenters dazzle the entire audience. We dedicate time for online attendees to become active participants by voicing questions and feedback so they’re a part of the action, not just a joined laptop at the back of the room.

To take things up a notch, our Events team has plenty of tricks up their sleeve to make sure that folks who can’t be there still get a chance to join in team building (or team unwinding) activities.

Our Hybrid Event Kit features:
  • Multiple cameras (including a rear-facing camera for Q&A and breaks)
  • An onsite Producer to manage the broadcast and give a voice to online attendees' comments and questions
  • Professional audio so local attendees can be heard by those not in the room
  • Dramatic color lighting accents to dress up the most beige of conference rooms
  • A high-quality local recording of the whole event

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Platform Curation
Customize your Event room experience to match your brand.

Run a monthly series with a consistent visual identity.
Presentation Coaching
Build your confidence with a personalized coaching session with one of our expert Presenters.
After-Party Activities
When you’re really looking to make a splash, and long-lasting memories for your attendees.