Presenting is what we do and who we are. We’re trusted by Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders to deliver expert coaching to their teams and refine their public speaking skills.

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What to expect

We offer a supportive, constructive, and safe environment to get out all the nerves surrounding public speaking. Working with us, you'll hone the skills you need to keep audiences enthralled, and leave feeling empowered and prepared.

For every role

We run coaching sessions for anyone on the org chart:

  • C-Suite Executives
  • Sales teams
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • HR

1:1 or 1:Many

You'll receive a dedicated Coach all to yourself or level up your entire team with group coaching workshops.

No-judgement zone

We focus on building trust, and providing a safe and encouraging space to avoid embarrassment. This is your time to mess up and learn how to recover.

Tools of the trade

Explore the different software and services we use on the daily to polish up any presentation.

Online or in-person

It's just as important to make a good impression face-to-face as face-to-screen. We'll show you how to show up regardless of where you are.

Helpful feedback

"I have notes" is a common phrase at Presenter Group after a meeting or presentation. We deliver clear, honest, and actionable feedback on how to improve because we do it all the time.

“Thanks so much for speaking to our group today! By all accounts, it was well-received. Your empathy for those both silent and arrogant was heard and hopefully impacted everyone on our team.

The Sales Director and I already have a meeting planned to talk about our communication styles per your advice, and I feel the next few all-hands meetings will be filled with enneagram assessments!”
Peter Stanbrige
Partner, US

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