Content design

Our creativity isn't confined to the Studio. Exacting detail is our specialty. We obsess over the flow of words, we embrace modern design and have a sharp eye thoughtful imagery. The content we craft for you needs to look fantastic, sound just right, and portray your story in the most captivating way.

Allow us to get our hands on your script, deck, or document and we'll make something spectacular for you.





ALIGN Conference

Client: Microsoft Canada


In the height of COVID restrictions, we were tasked with creating an engaging conference to celebrate Microsoft brand ambassadors that had the same magic as meeting in-person. This was a tall order.


ALIGN was all about community, so we leaned into the idea that we may be physically apart, but we can still feel connected. We embraced bold, saturated colors, and created cartoons of people in their own separate boxes, and still communicating with each other.

The ALIGN branding was adapted to swag and PowerPoint templates for a refined experience that surprised and delighted attendees.

An attendee wearing ALL the branded swag: hoodie, hat, glasses, and even the mug!
Cartoon people in their own set of "windows" showing them apart but together
A mug, hat, mask, blue light glasses, and a hoodie, all branded with ALIGN
Screenshot of the webinar room, with branding throughout the experience
Screenshot (69).png

Planet of the Apps



Our Client came to us with an idea for TD SYNNEX ISVs to pitch their app solutions to a panel of judges. They needed to make sure that the branding reflected the legitimacy of the contest and the prizes.


To ensure we kept on brand with the new TD SYNNEX brand, we watched their videos and pulled inspiration from prior events and similar competition shows.

We wanted to have fun with it and thankfully, so did our Client. We settled quickly on a name and presented them with a few options. Eventually we landed (pun intended) on a space motif that felt like a natural progression from previous events.

POTA first draft logo.png
POTA first draft logo 2.png

In The Room

Client: Microsoft Canada


We were tasked with designing a recurring series about Microsoft Teams Rooms, hosted by Liam Sevier and Jimmy Vaughan. The branding needed to match that of Microsoft Teams but with its own identity.


We were inspired by the dynamic personalities of Liam and Jimmy, so we created illustrated characters to bring them to life.

We used a monochromatic scheme to match the look and feel of Teams with familiar shapes and colors. Future guests were given the animated treatment across the multi-month series to keep it fresh throughout.